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This site's sole purpose is for me to show off. Follow the links above to view the chronicles of various design projects I have taken up in the last few years. Everything from software and flash devlopment, to wood working projects, to automotive customization.

This site uses a bit a jQuery and several other really goofy tricks I've learned over the years. For the time being, I'm not sure which browers work/don't work. I'm currently developing against FireFox.

Who am I?

My name is Brian. By day I'm a UI developer, by night I'm just another guy that likes to tinker with things.

What do I do?

Where to begin!? I develop software with various languages from B-P (Basic-Python and in between). I rip apart cars, and put them back together. I don't know how to keep a cell phone in a factory setting. I build things from wood using any tool I can find. I play a good varity of instruments, but spend most of my time with guitars.

Why do I do it?

If it has moving parts, I have to see why, and then how can I change it. I want to make things better. Put simply, I like to see things do stuff.

As I mentioned above, my name is Brian. I was born in Maryland and have spent my whole life in the surrounding vicinity. I attended a technical high school with a focus in Engineering, and continued on with Computer Engineering for my B.S. Over the years I've done whatever I can to learn something new. I tend to enjoy everything I do so much that I find it hard to prioritize one hobby over another. My typical out door activities include: kayaking, playing tennis, and working on/fixing/driving cars. My inside activities include: making beer and wine, growing food in my garden, working on computers, mobile app development, playing guitar, drums or piano, and fixing up my house. As a full time software developer I try to spend additional time on keeping up with new technologies I'm not actively using by working on various websites and helping other developers.

insaneintention designs is sort of a business title, and sort of an online alias. It typically follows me on automotive customization sites since I do things that aren't... typical, hense an, insane intention, but also, instead of dealing with a ton of various logins, I can be found on a few open source development sites, or other sites that categorize my hobbies.

  • 2019 Update

    My how does technology change. This site should be completely rewritten using current technologies. Maybe React, but definitely ES6+. Hopefully I get around to it soon... I wonder what my pre-2009 site looked like at this point. Not sure I want to know.

  • Sept 2012

    Time for an update...
    I'm still a developer, I still work on my car, and I still play guitar, but I'm also keeping up with technology. See the latest at, particularly with mobile app development while I spend some time updating this site.

  • Jul 12, 2009

    Browser compatability:
    FireFox 3.0: OK
    FireFox 3.5: OK
    IE 6: Development Tab Not Working
    IE 8: CSS Problems, Development Tab Not Working

  • Jul 11, 2009

    Fixed the sublinking.

    This site uses JavaScript to load content dynamically. So while it looks best in FireFox, it also hinders a lot of the use of the middle click to open new tabs.

  • Jul 10, 2009

    Revamped the old site. Man, did it need it.

    This is still under development, so while the main links do work, some sublinks do not.

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